Math.random(3) - Chess

Tim and Ruth explore the idea of learning something new, and the difficulties you have when you have to start from scratch.

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Matt DesLauriers

Ruth and Tim speak to artist & creative coder Matt Delauries about his process, goals when creating, and all things generative art.

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Sharell Bryant

Ruth and Tim sit down with the very talented creative technologist Sharell Bryant!

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Ruth and Tim dig into algorithms! What are they, why do we use them, and what are some useful algorithms to look at when building generative art.

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Math.random(2) - Creativity

Tim and Ruth chat creativity - what it means, the creative brain, why are we creative, the need for it.

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Jake Albaugh

Have a big chat with Jake Albaugh, creative coder, experimenter & mad scientist.

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Tools are something that are almost entirely unique to humans. Hear about how they live within the world of art and code.

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Ruth and Tim decide that there's a whole lot to be said about random numbers. LOTS!

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Charlie Gleason

The talented Charlie Gleason joins us and chats about his journey into creative coding and the things he has built.

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Generative Art and Creative Code

Lets start talking about generative art, creative code, and the world around it

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Introducing the Generative Art Podcast

Ruth and Tim get to talking about what they want to get out of this podcast, where we want to take it, and preaching the good word of creative code, and generative art.

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