Hours of Dark

365 strokes representing the hours of darkness of each day. A recreation of the 2011 calendar by Accept & Proceed.

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Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrians art is world renoun, there's also something about his style that makes it irresistable to try to replicate with code.

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Hypnotic Squares

William Kolomyjec was another great pioneer of generative art. This piece, "Hypnotic Squares", is a great example of recursion in action.

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Circle Packing

Packing circles into a tight space gives a beautiful effect, and it's not nearly as complex as it looks!

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Un Deux Trois

There's no real generative art showcase complete without something from Vera Molnár, one of earliest pioneers of digital art.

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Triangular Mesh

Triangular meshes are the foundations of 3D modeling, but building one doesn't require trigonometry craziness.

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Cubic Disarray

Georg Nees was one of the pioneers of computer art. Cubic disarray is a perfect example of how generative work can be simplistic and powerful at the same time.

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Joy Division

We've all seen this album cover in one form or another. Come and see how we can make a simple version of it.

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Tiled Lines

This demo is one of the most simplistic yet beautiful pieces of generative art you can make. It's kinda famous in its own right, appearing on books and on all sorts of devices.

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